Schedules and Tables for Construction Documents

First, they are wholly inadequate right now. I accept that, and really hope that devs can improve this feature in future versions because good formatting in tables is vital for making real documents.

Second, What is everyone doing as a work around to get good looking window, door schedules etc?

Creating the table elsewhere, then doing a screen capture and import.

You can also insert tables that are saved in the RTF format (created with Word, for instance) into LayOut.


I construct my schedules directly in Layout. I began with the tutorial by Michael Brightman in his book:
“The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture”

Ah yes, I went back and referenced my copy. It’s in the very end of the book, but his method is to use different boxes and tables that are (key point) grouped. I was trying to do everything in one table and everything would get screwed up when rescaling etc. Also, saving it to the Scrapbook was a good suggestion.

I was able to paste in from Libre Office directly from a table and keep most formatting and merged cells etc. This is probably the only thing that makes me miss Revit.

Correct me if I am wrong. The tables created in Word or Libre have to be filled in in Word or Libre. You cannot use the text in Layout to fill in the tables. Right? When I imported tables from Word into AutoSketch, I could click on the table and it would take me to the Word table and I could edit. Can that be done in Layout? I think I will try one in Word this weekend. Thanks all.

I was able to copy/paste direct from Libre office and edit in LO, but it has the same clumsy controlls. So, you can’t use it the same way, but it is editable.

I’m having an issue with the .rtf files inserted in Layout. I am _unable to update .rtf file in Layout. _

After editing and saving the Word file, and overwriting the .rtf file, I update the document reference in the “Document Setup” window in Layout, but the table does not change at all.

Anyone have some insight?


Just did some testing, the problem I describe above only arises after I edit the .rtf inserted table.

For example, if I insert a .rtf table, it will update as expected for a Layout document reference. But as soon as I give it a fill or “stroke” border it behaves like an independent shape and will not update with its reference document.

I cannot simply leave it in raw form without giving it a fill, it is ineligible.

I would like to say that the xlsx reference in LO 2017 is great! Problems solved.