Schedule/Tables in SketchUp

I’m trying to place a Kitchen Equipment schedule in a SketchUp drawings, nothing fancy, not linked to anything. I just want to locate the information on the page. Is there a simple extension which makes the job easier.


Do you have SketchUp Pro? it doesn’t say in your profile. If so I’d recommend doing tables in LayOut. Have you tried that yet?

I have SketchUp Pro vers 17 & vers 18, but my Boss is a Troglodyte that refuses to upgrade from SU vers 8 and I try not to get to far away from his requests. I have never spent the time to learn Layout and have been unsuccessful in getting Layout to work and cooperate without massive frustrations. I know I should just learn to use Layout but he is the originator of this request and just wants something simple in SketchUp.

SketchUp isn’t set up to handle things like schedules and tables. I suppose you could make a screen shot of it and import it as an image but it won’t look very nice. Certainly not professional. If you’re not going to use LayOut, export images from the SketchUp file and add them along with your schedule in a Word document. It’s a far cry from what is possible in LayOut but if your boss isn’t interested in LayOut, you do what you must.

Funny you should say that, I were just setting up an example using the snipping tool in Excel and then importing the image into SU. It is a far cry from what can be done in LayOut though…

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There are some extensions that do not require LayOut.

Do any of those put the schedule into SketchUp?

I’ve wrapped them as Face Me components above the items before…

importing a PDF [on a mac] for reasonable quality, otherwise use png, never jpg for text…


Some say that they do. But I’ve not used them myself. I do remember being involved with some coding discussions on creating simple tables using code (in topics at SketchUcation quite some years ago. This predated the LayOut table objects.)