Insert images in LayOut tables or insert Word table?

I want to insert images in the table in LayOut or rather import already made tables with photos and images done in Word. These are not made in excel as excel does not handle images that well… I want a table with symbols used in my SketchUp model explained next to the drawing when finalizing it in LayOut

Currently the insertable text file options are .txt and .rtf. I find that although images can be saved as part of .rtf files, there are issues with opening them and getting the images to show. LayOut doesn’t seem to appreciate them at all. I guess this should be a feature request but until such time as that feature is added, you would need to insert the images separately.

Do you want this topic moved into the LayOut Feature Request category?

Thank you for you reply. Yes please this would certainaly be a request as I not only want to make tables with images of my SketchUp components to explain them in a drawing but also quicker/easier be able to to tables of plants I have in my list and I think this is faster to do outside LayOut.


What kind of explanations do you need to show for your components? Since it’s unlikely that the feature would be added before you need to do your next project, I wonder if there’s an alternative workflow that could be used.

I have components which are 2D symbols of trees etc in my garden model I do in SketchUp- when doing the drawing in LayOut I want to have a list explaining the different symbols next to the sketchup model I show in the layout drawing - if this makes sense? I have different scenes in sketchup some are in 3D and some in 2D and in layout I make different pages for different types of drawings some for visual 2D from top view and others in 3D seeing shadows etc
So yes if there is an alternative workflow I would be happy to get some tip :slight_smile: please

This is just one option that comes to mind. Quick and dirty example, too.

You could create a scene or scenes in a SketchUp file that show the plant components. Make sure each component is named appropriately (which makes them easier to find when you use them in a project anyway) and then in LO, use labels with auto text. Here I’ve made the leaders for the labels white so they don’t show. You could make this look like a table if you want by drawing a grid and there are other options for appearance.

In my example both trees are shown in a single viewport but you could do a separate viewport for each one. And then group the viewport and its label. These could be added to a scrapbook so you can just drag in the ones you want for the project. There’s a lot you can do with the components and auto text in LO, too. If you have somthing in the description field for the component, that can be used in the label. If you use Dynamic Components you can add even more fields which can be used as text for the labels.

All of these can be done with only SketchUp and LayOut. Given a little more time to think about it I expect I would come up with other possibilities. You probably would as well.

Oh this sounds great - but beginner as I am I have problems naming the components. They have “my” name in the folder where they are stored in the computer. BUT when I open the folder in SU and use them they for some reason have a different name. I have not figured out how to name so that it will be same name in the explorer as in SU when I use the component?! But I do like your idea of saving it this way and would like to try it! Many thanks for supporting me in this issue!

I have some ideas for you in that respect. Let me put them together.

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