Workflow for door and window schedules

Does anyone have a good workflow for creating door and window schedules in Layout? I get a PDF from my window rep with each door/window’s data. I am then manually entering in that information into either a layout table or a csv file and then inserting into my document. (Rough openings, frame size, location, tempering, quantities, etc)

I could put up with this tedious task if it only needed to happen once for each project. However I have had multiple window changes and revisions during this project, each resulting in a fresh PDF with new data that needs to find it’s way into my layout document again.

I’ve scoured the internet for any software/utilities that might be able to automagically pull data from a PDF and spit it into a csv file or some sort of table. So far nothing quite fits the bill.

Just wondering how other architects and drafting folks are dealing with this task?

A5 Schedules example.layout (139.3 KB) Pella Package_Redacted.pdf (188.8 KB)

Will be watching this one for sure…similar issue, different application.

I don’t know how similar it is, but I add construction notes on one dedicated page of a set of drawings. I use a word processor to set out the wrapping and create columns. Then I export to PDF and import that into LO. When things change, I update the word processed document, export to PDF with the same name as before. Then I just have to update the reference file in LO and it pulls in the updated PDF.

In your case, it’s maybe simpler still. Providing you save the updated PDF you get in the same place and with the same name as the original, updating in LO will draw in the new file.