Reference updating seems to no longer work

Layout 19.1.173 running on an iMac with Mojave 10.14.5

I have a Layout drawing imported from a SketchUp 2019 Pro model. In order to facilitate adding a set of notes to the drawing I created a formatted list In Excel. I imported the Excel Worksheet to Layout and did a little editing to expand the viewport and remove the row and column lines. I could go back to Excel to edit or add new note information, save and then update the reference in Layout. All was good.

Then I decided I needed another set of notes on a different page of the LayOut drawing so I created another Worksheet (same Workbook) and imported that sheet to the appropriate LayOut drawing sheet. Again, a little formatting to expand the viewport and eliminate row and column lines and all was good.

However, for some reason, now if I try to edit either Excel Worksheet and update the reference, I do not see the changes in LayOut. If I close the LayOut drawing I do get a note asking if I want to “save changes”, but the changes from the updated reference are not appearing. What am I missing?

Right click on the table. Do you have an option to open it in your spreadsheet editor? If not, something you did in formatting it broke the link. Kind of like modified scenes do with viewports. With the table selected, is the reference file highlighted in References?

No I don’t see any option to open it in Excel, all I get is a list of stuff “cut, copy, delete, etc.”.

When I go to File > Document Setup > References I do see the “GeneralNotes.xlsx” reference highlighted in blue. And if I click that and hit “update” it appears to update but I don’t see the changes on the drawing. I recall it was working, even after I resized the viewport, the first few I edited/added the Worksheet but it doesn’t work now, or at least I can’t see the changes.

Can you share the LO file?

Not really. It contains personal information, not shareable in a public forum or even via private message.

You mentioned earlier about similarity of modified scenes and viewports. I would like very much to have a way to set up all the formatted text in Excel and then import it directly with no further editing required in LayOut but either that’s not possible or I don’t yet have the skill to do it correctly. At first I had an issue with the font style. Once I got that figured out and imported the file, two problems arose. First, the formatted text didn’t have the desired row heights or column widths so I had to edit it in LayOut to get it in readable form. Second, the row and column grid lines were imported into LayOut even though there were none in Excel, so I had to un-group to delete those.

I suppose it depends on what formatting you are referring to. I don’t have any problem inserting spreadsheets and have found all the formatting I need can be done in the spreadsheet editor. Even things like row and column width and merged cells come in as expected.

Here is the example. This shows what I have in Excel, including the font formatting

And this is what I get in LayOut.

So am I missing some setting or setup?

It looks like it.

Why is column B so narrow in Excel? That’s there the problem lies. LayOut is picking up the column width for column B and displaying that. Either make column B wide enough for the text to show in a single line or merge the cells (B2 and C2, for example).

Good catch, I missed that and sure enough, after fixing the worksheet and importing again the import looked just like I wanted it, except for the row and column divider lines.

I did notice something different. I imported the updated Excel Worksheet to another sheet on the LayOut drawing. Everything came across as expected. Then I exploded and edited the viewport to delete row and column divider lines. I made a change to the text in Excel, saved and then updated the reference in LayOut. The changes did not appear so apparently my editing the viewport “killed” the link even though the Document Setup showed a change in the source file. So if editing somehow kills the link, how should I get rid of the row and column divider lines?

Exploding breaks the link just like exploding a viewport would break the link to the SketchUp model. There’s no need to do that to get rid of the divider lines. Just select the table and turn off Stroke in Shape Style.

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Once again you came through with the answer. Thank you.

Thinking back, I recall leaving the row and column divider lines in place while I was working on the drawing, I figured I’d delete them toward the end. And that’s why the updates were working fine until recently (i.e. after I tweaked the viewport).

And yes, I did try turning off the Stroke and that was the trick I needed. Hopefully I can remember that in the future. It’s pretty tough when you use an application and learn some of the do’s don’ts and tricks to finish a project but then don’t use the application for several months, you (as least I) forget all the little stuff and have to learn it all over again. Where is that wayback machine anyway.

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Maybe it’s a sign you should use it more. :smiley: