Bug with references of embedded excel sheets

A Bug with EXCEL-Reference:

when I create a Layout-File with an excel reference everything works fine.
If I delete the link, the excel file is only embedded in the Layout file:

it won’t update changes I make in the embedded file.

I have multiple sheets in Excel, so I need to reassign every sheet via Excel-referenceoption:


than it works but I have to do it sheet by sheet, annoying and source of errors.
Any solution? I tried to close and reload the layout file after editing the excel sheet,
no update, but opening the excel it shows the changes…

And with SKP files it is nearly the same. Deteling one component and saving the file, reopening:
changes made.
But in Layout you won’t see it. And updating or assigning again the view doesn’t change anything,
in Layout you still see the deleted component.

An embedded file is unique. It has no link with the original file.
If you delete the link you are not able to sync anymore.

I know, but I can still edit this unique file, opening it in layout.
And it works fine, it also saves the changes. Opening again the excel you find your changes.
only the update doesn’t work in the layout until I reassign the excel sheet.
As I wrote, reassigning every sheet works, but in my document I have 10 of them,
so easily it happens that you miss one to be updated.

When you break the link you have 10 unique sheets, that’s the reason why you need to relink 10 times.

No, I still have one excel file with all these worksheets…
But now reopening the Layout file, it said that the excel file was corrupted and I was not able to edit it again…For me it is

  1. Waist if storage space to have all double (reference files and embedded in the layout as zip)
  2. Annoying and danger of errors when you change the references and may want to keep the revision files…
  3. time consuming to save alle reference files in a newer version, and reconnecting them in layout

This is one of the worst things about layout if you have complex documents!

At least you have a backup then…

Embedding or unlinking creates a ‘snapshot’ of the current excel.
When still in progress, one should not embed active content, since it might change (It does not matter how you open the content, the application that is set in the preferences is just a quick access to it)

If there is a need for making it active again, it should be relinked.
(click on the table, open it in excel and do a ‘save as’)

If I’m understanding you correctly, this should happen – perhaps share the Layout file…?

Unless, as your screenshot would seem to indicate – the SketchUp file that you have in the model is an embedded SketchUp file where the reference to the original SketchUp file became unlinked.

You are probably opening the original SketchUp file but any changes that you make won’t be reflected in Layout because Layout is referencing an embeded file.

You need to relink to the original file.

Here you have a sample file.
I have changed in the embedded Excel & skp file something,
but it doesnt reflect it in Layout. Then I closed and reopened, SKP changes are visible,
Excel not…update doesn’t help, reassigning the Excel sheet helps.
It shows that it is no good idea to embed the files, bt as I wrote before, it complicates the workflow when working with revisions…

Embedded.layout (416.9 KB)

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