Layout 2022 Excel Tables Bug

I am having an issue with excel tables that I have inserted into my base Layout template file. I have a project schedule excel file that contain multiple schedules on separate sheets that I have placed through my drawing template. When I create a copy of the layout template file and the project schedule file for a new project and try to update the schedules in Layout, all of the schedules reset to the first sheet in my excel file. I have to go through and manually change all of the sheet names by right clicking on each schedule, selecting excel reference options, and changing the sheet name back to what it should be. It only happens when I try to update the schedules in a newly copied file (like when I start a new project, or I create a copy of an existing file to make changes.).

Do the sheets in the different Excel files have the exact same names?

There are no duplicate names. I have one file titled project schedule and then multiple sheets inside the file with all the information I need. All sheets have different names.

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