Switching between 2D and 3D use

Wanting to switch between 2d and 3d use. Designing a room with furniture components, hoping can move things around (easier in 2D) then switch to 3D to see how it looks.

Is this possible in SketchUp

You can select between Parallel Projection and Perspective and choose a plan or elevation view in the Scenes panel. The model will still be 3D if you’ve made it 3D.
Screenshot - 6_20_2023 , 11_29_15 AM

It should be easy enough to manage moving and placing components without the need of switching back and forth between those settings, though. It just takes a little practice.

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We’re pretty new to the programme but finding it difficult to get anything like a draughtsperson drawing.

I saw a help video showing printing a plan view that folds up into 3D. That looked awesome and exciting as can’t be 3D printing first drafts but would get great value out of paper models easily folded to display as a solid.

Best student who’s spent a few hours on this concluded was only available in pro version, true?

Kia kaha, Peter

Well, the web-based SketchUp for Schools really isn’t intended to get you to professional looking output. SketchUp Pro with LayOut can, however.

What do you mean by “folds up into 3D”? If you are referring to printing and then folding the paper to make a 3D model, that’s certainly possible if the model is set up correctly. You can start with a 3D model and unfold it. Then print the unfolded version, cut it out, and fold it up. I did this some years ago.

Started with a 3D model of a building.

which was then unfolded.

The 3D model was created at real world size but the unfolded version was then set to print appropriately for an N-scale model railroad. The scale could be set to whatever is appropriate for the application.

Unfolding can be done in SketchUp for Schools although it can be tedious and time consuming. In SketchUp Pro it can be much faster by the use of extensions designed to do that.

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Wow, that’s an awesome example. Students likely have time in class, and worthwhile upskilling I’d say to work through steps.

How difficult is it if the room to unfold is just a box?

If I were going to do this in the web-based SketchUp I would use Copy/Roate to fold down opposite walls. Then delete the originals of those two walls and finally just Rotate to fold down the other two walls. The firt two walls have to be copied. Rotating the originals would deform the geometry.

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Make your furniture components with the property “Glue to” to glue them to a large ground plane. To move them around without hassle that some may (partly) disappear underneath.