SketchUp for schools Orthographic capabilities

Hi all I am wondering if there is a way to make a 2D Orthographic drawing of models on SketchUp for Schools a vital tool for students.

Your students can make 2D drawings although SketchUp is intended as a 3D modeller. They can also make 2D views of their 3D models. This is set in the Views panel. Select the lower button on the left side and then choose the desired view using the center nine buttons.
Screenshot - 4_2_2020 , 6_38_15 AM

That will get them a single orthographic view of their model. If you want them to show multiple projections in a single scene like this:

They cam make copies and rotate them to show the appropriate side. The above looks like this in the model space.

The right way to think about it is that, just as in traditional drafting, an orthographic view in SketchUp is just a contrived way to make a 2D image of what is really a 3D object in the model. If the model happens to be flat, it is still floating in a 3D space.

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