Sketchup for Schools and Layout

Is Layout compatible with Sketchup for Schools? If so, where is the tool for converting the 2D drawing for Layout?


The SketchUp models from SketchUp for Schools could be downloaded to the computer and inserted into LayOut assuming LayOut and SketchUp Pro are resident on the computer.

There is no tool for converting to LayOut. The SketchUp model is inserted into LayOut and 2D viewports are used to show the model.

Thanks Dave. Stay healthy.

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Hey Dave,

School has been up and running. Sketchup 2020 has a new look after it opens. So I need your expertise to tell me whether to use the Simple or Architectural template to choose from.

Thanks! Hope all is well!


Hi Dave,

Glad to hear you’re moving on with school. Our boy is doing strictly distance learning so far with no indication it’ll change.

As for the template, I don’t think it really matters which one of those two you pick. You’ll wind up with basically the same thing except for the background color. The more important thing is the dimension units and those are the same for both. Might be easiest to tell the students to choose the Simple template.



We are online too, for now. I think we will do the hybrid thing starting around Thanksgiving.

Simple it is! Thanks for the advice.

And cheers to you!


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Hey Dave,

Hope you and your family are staying healthy!

My students will be building a Truss bridge. Besides drawing the orthographic view by hand, how about using Sketchup Pro 2020? and the 3D view too.

Can you give me suggestions how to create this for middle schoolers (gr. 6-8)?

We are going to use balsa wood, 1/8" square x 24" pieces for the truss bridge. The bridge will be only 10-12 inches long.

I found this video. It’s helpful, but, kids probably need some confidence in using Sketchup to begin with to what this guy is showing in the video.

2D sideview image


Take it easy!


Hi Dave,

I didn’t watch the whole video but you could do the same thing with SU Pro. It looks like it could be a fun exercise.

I would suggest starting with a 3D mindset from the beginning as the author of the video did. As he said, it’s a good way to visualize the bridge and it’s good for learning to work with SketchUp’s basic tools.

From your images it looks like all the angled cuts should be 45°. This would give them a good reminder if they’ve forgotten about interesting property of a 45°,45° triangle of the legs being the same length. That can be used to draw the the miters.

As for using LayOut, they could create scenes in SketchUp showing the bridge in Parallel Projection from the front, end, top, and bottom and use those views along with exploded and detail views to create dimensioned drawings for a plan. They should also be able to use those views to guide them in doing calculations to see how stresses are distributed when the bridge gets loaded. With a couple of extensions for SketchUp they could create cut lists, and they could find things like the bridge’s center of gravity and its mass.

Thanks for the help Dave.

Last June in one of our last conversations you gave me a terrific reply. YOu had pics of things my students could do with 2 or 3 photos, one of a toy duck or boat and a cool U shaped object with a letter on the side of it, I think. The u shaped 3d object was on its’ side.

Anyway, I can’t find the reply :frowning:. Searched and searched. It was in our thread. Maybe you can find it?? Oh boy.

Thanks for everything. Hope all’s well and good!

I found what I was looking for Dave. It was an earlier reply form you and thought it was near the end of the thread.

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You’re also doing hand drafting as well as SketchUp? I did this with a class and organized it as a comparison of how the workflow goes with each:

Hand drafting:
Step 1 - Draw orthogonal drawings
Step 2 - Make 3D model from those views.

Step 1 - Make a 3D model
Step 2 - Produce orthogonal drawings from the 3D model

I made a poster for the class after it was over and posted it in another thread here. At the time, SU for Schools wouldn’t print to scale, but it can now. If you’re using Pro and have Layout at your disposal, that’s even better.

Dave, can a person move standard views over to the default Tray so you could easily see and select different views as is done in Sketchup for schools? I’m referring to Sketchup Pro 2020.

In 2020 you can create scenes in the Scenes panel. Then you can either select them in the scenes panel or by clicking on a scene tab at the top. Here’s the view in Windows version. On Mac it’ll look a little different with the scene tabs centered across the top of the model space and the Scenes panel not in the tray. Otherwise it all works the same. New scenes are created by clicking the + in the circle at the top left of the Scenes panel and the name is typed in the Name field.

Glad you found the images you were looking for.

Super. Got it. Instead of perspective I used isometric.

Where did you find the truss bridge? I looked online but didn’t find it. :frowning:

Thanks a bunch, Dave.

Isometric works. I usually use perspective in honor of that old dead Italian guy, Filippo Brunelleschi. :smiley:

I modeled the bridge myself after eyeballing your images.

After the great Italiano.

Nicely drawn bridge, must say.

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Dave! Doggone it…I am setting the Scene for a right end view. Each time I do select it the view is in perspective instead. I updated it several times.

Got the fix?

Could you send me the Sketchup truss bridge?


I wonder if your scene panel has the boxes for properties to save unticked.

I’ll send the model shortly.