Can you access Layout from Sketchup for Schools?

Can you access Layout from Sketchup for Schools?

We had access to Sketchup Pro last year, but I am told that license has changed and we have switched to Sketchup for Schools. Under Pro I had access to Layout. I can not find any link to Layout from the Google Suite our Board of Ed. has installed.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

No. LayOut is part of the Sketchup Pro package.

Thats unfortunate. If SketchUp wants to get more of a foothold in Architecture (at least in Canada) they should provide the whole package to students. If they get into it while they are learning there would be a much greater chance of them taking it into the field after they graduate. Seems pretty short sighted…

They DO!

It is just that @Midland’s school has switched away from the “Pro”/“Studio” package(s) to the “only cloud app” package.

(Why blame the store for what the buyer chooses?)


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Thanks for the feed back. Our board is trying to see if sketchup in google suite can offer Layout . We will see.

It is interesting how the current trend in education is to teach 3d programming, but when you talk to professionals they emphasize that most skilled workers still need to create 2d drafting. Clearly there is an emerging need to teach 3d for creating prototypes and advertising etc. but when it comes to the manufacturing of products, 2d is still an essential skill. The skills trades teachers in our school are trying to work with me to teach Layout to the students because they believe it has greater value in the workforce for our students. As the students become older, we will then transfer them over to learning 3d. So, we need Layout and Sketchup within our high school. Hopefully we can make this work. Thanks everyone for your feedback.

There is no interface between SketchUp for Web and LayOut. Your board needs to make the decision to go back to using SketchUp Pro to include LayOut in the flow.

Additionally, LayOut is not a 2D CAD program. It is a tool used to create documents, presentations, and other files mainly from SketchUp models.

Hi Dave,

That is what are board is looking to do. They have referred to a grant program as one possibility to access Pro but to be honest they are the ones dealing with Sketchup and I do not really have the details. As to LayOut and CAD 2D I must confess my ignorance as to the specifics of CAD 2D. I am the library/commons/law teacher who is doing his best to bring tech into the commons and get a variety of classes using it. However, I do know that LayOut was working well and meeting the needs of our machine shop teacher in terms of what he wanted the students to do for designing their projects. He had them doing it the old fashioned way with graph paper, pencil, ruler and eraser. LayOut worked quite well for designing projects in 2D and then the students would go build them.

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