2D Drawing

Hi, from the campus lesson, I learned that Eric just brought his model in 2D form directly into Layout, when 2D models are to be make in Layout from my understanding…Is it that he made them in 2D form in Skp then copy and past it into Layout if not then can someone please make me to understand please.

There’s no rule that says you have to do 2D drawing in LayOut instead of SketchUp. Generally drawing is easier in SketchUp than in LayOut and you could make a 2D model in SketchUp if you want. If eventually the model will become 3D it makes more sense to create the 2D in SketchUp. Half the work is done when it’s time to go 3D.

If you’re going to need 3D eventually anyway, maybe it makes more sense to model in 3D and create 2D views as scenes to use in LayOut.

I’m not using Layout myself (SketchUp Make user) but my guess is that he is taking 2D views of a 3D model into Layout through scenes…
Edit: DaveR beat me to it…

This is exactly what confused me as a learner…

Where did you get this understanding?

The point is, he is taking 2D views of a 3D model into Layout through scenes, so this confused me…From Eric’s lesson in Skp campus.

Why is that confusing? Creating 2D views of the 3D model is efficient and not prone to errors as you would likely get if you make a separate 3D model and 2D drawings. And edits to the 3D model automatically propogate to the 2D views.

Agreed is not an error…But the procedures where not shown on the lesson, so i can’t figure out how he did that. But certainly i knew that models are are make in 2D form then propagate to 3D…

You should go through the SketchUp training. Setting up your scenes for plan and elevation views are fundamental in SketchUp even before you go to LayOut.

I think you didn’t understand what I wrote.

Sir setting up scenes are not something knew to me, but is like you don’t understand what am trying to say. By the way thank you for your time

What part don’t you understand about create elevations and plan views using Parallel Projection and scenes?

I understand in the later part, with the use of diff styles

Sketchup in 2d gives you areas and dimensions
Layout is very basic and provides just fill
How do you combine to get of both worlds?
Simple 2d drafting with dimensions and areas.
Make a measured drawing or scale drawing is so time consuming in layout

I disagree – I make detailed condocs in Layout with basic 3D models from SketchUp.

How I’ve evolved with SketchUp/Layout – trying to “draw” 2D in SketchUp to the level of condoc I produce in Layout world not be possible…

I draw 2D elements in Sketchup whenever feasible, and then work it in LayOut – it’s then easier to re-use it on multiple LO viewports, or change scale, etc. For example, I have collections of 3D appliances, fixtures, doors, even electrical devices, which include 2D symbols for plan views – since 3D stuff can look chunky or weird in plan view. Within such a component, the 2D and 3D groups are tagged with “2D” or “3D” so I can toggle each in SU. For example, each 3D door has a 2D swing graphic embedded in it.

I also like to think this method results in better LayOut performance – compared to having LO render stuff with complex geometry.

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