Survey bit specious

So send me a survey request and a link to the terms and conditions.
Everyone will have got this I assume ?
Reading the Survey Drawing Ts & Cs you read that that survey is only open to residents of the 50 united states.
So a bit dodgy sending it out to non US residents eh ?
I don’t mind too much about not being eligible for the prize however, it seems to me that if you are trying to garner interest based on consideration but only limit it to US residents, then you should only send it out to US residents.

Hmmm… I didn’t get a survey

Nor did I.

I did.

But was curious how I might spend a $100 voucher in the UK :thinking:

I received it, but trashed it as I do most unsolicited mass mailings.
Call me paranoid. :wink:

You won’t have a problem spending it as you are already excluded by not living in the USA.
Like most surveys, I gave up after about the second question where there was a big list of job titles with nothing relevant.

What an appallingly written set of Q’s. The survey assumes only designers use SU.
Here’s one…" What is the role of 3D in your design process?" It has no option to select something like ‘I/We don’t design’ So I’m left with lying or abandoning the survey.