SketchUp on Steam


Publish SketchUp on Steam in the Software section please. Majority of my 3D toolset is on Steam. Steam has been very easy and handy to have all my software subscriptions and purchases under one storefront and profile. I would like to pay a monthly subscription with the latest updates and upgrades.


Hi @salochin59,

Aside from having Steam collecting data (the client tracks your usage and running hardware/software surveys) just thinking of the developement money SketchUp would have to leave on Valve’s distribution table has me wonder what would be the benefits of involving a third party?

Yearly maintenance subscription is already available directly with SketchUp at the whooping price of 120$/year, amount that you are free to split/budget into twelve monthly payments of 10$ if you so desire :wink:


I’m always suspicious of people that join a forum so they can post about a site they love that costs money.
This is often referred to as Astroturfing.


That makes sense. I did not think of it that way. My suggestion has nothing to do with Astroturfing by the way. I am just a 3D Artist/Indie Game Developer. I don’t work for Valve. I wish I did though to be honest. I am just a fan of the Steam platform is all. If SketchUp does have a monthly payment option I would definitely be interested.


I am glad someone is a fan. To me, at best it is necessary evil that provides some small degree of convenience in exchange for almost nothing . At worst is massive bloat ware and I resent it’s intrusions into and drag on my system while it tries to sell me ■■■■. Yeah! I love to have install adware on my PC to use software I already paid for!

I hate it almost as much as the every other day update of Adobe Reader as they repeatedly try to install “Ask Jeeves” on to my tool bar when I am not looking. (That was sarcasm, no need to correct me) Except I did not pay for Adobe so some degree of pain is tolerable unlike Steam where I pay for everything THEN have to be annoyed by their bloatware/adware.

Sorry, I think I fell off into a minor rant there.