Present survey from Sketchup is terrible

So I just completed a short survey via email from Sketchup about features.
Some notes I thought I’d mention.
It said Vray is a Sketchup product. (it really does say Vray is a Sketchup product)
It asked me about which Sketchup ‘products’ I’m aware of, then asked which ones I’ve used, then it asked me what I thought about the features of EXACTLY the products I had said I had never used. and didn’t ask me about ANY of the features I said I HAD used.

If this is the kind of market research data results that their team is feeding back to important departmental funding meetings, then I’m not surprised things appear a little upside down with priorities of Sketchup’s features. Weird.

Similar. It was called a Sketchup survey but then immediately started asking about associated software I don’t use. I didn’t get further than opening it and closing it again.

Oh, and you had to answer irrelevant questions before progressing to page 2 so I don’t even know if there were any relevant questions later.

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After looking at the OP, I get the idea there is more than one survey in process. The one in my email asked about features in the Studio package that I am not subscribed to. Looks like the people that commissioned the survey need to be more involved in the targeting.

I was asked about PreDesign, Sefaira and Scan Essentials. Haven’t used any of them.


Just to confirm what several of you are seeing, I couldn’t even finish the survey as some of the questions were broken, and yes, it was supposed to only ask Studio-type questions if you responded that you used Studio. I’ve provided feedback to our team, hopefully, we’ll be able to fix these issues moving forward.


Ditto. I answered the first set of questions (asking about various specific features of those products) with “Never” for everything. The second set of questions made no sense for someone who does not use the corresponding product, so I left those questions blank.