Questionnaire received from SU

It seems that after nearly a decade, users opinions might be listened too.

There were no text fields to provide personal views, but I suppose it’s a start.

The survey self modifies based on your choices. There was a question asking if you could be contacted about other questions. I chose No, but I imagine that if you chose Yes you would have seen a way to give your email, and perhaps a way to add comments. If there still was no way to enter comments, you could give more feedback when you were contacted.

Here’s hoping. But I suspect surveys like this are usually a marketing exercise. A company wants to find out who their main client base is so that they can pitch better to them. Of course, that might bring with it the need to tailor things better for that group.


Simon, that sort of cynicism …is the same that I had.

It would be interesting if someone were to take the effort to review all feature requests on here, and then see whether any of them were adopted or followed up. Of course some of them are likely simple on the surface, but incredibly complex on the back end.

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Cynicism or realism?

Like you, I have partaken on this forum for quite a while and I have probably read most of the feature requests people have posted. I would say that, in my experience, almost none of the suggestions have been implemented by Trimble though some have been addressed by third parties. In a way, that is part of the ethos. That doesn’t mean that Trimble have not made improvements. They most certainly have.

Another possible reason that Trimble may not give the impression of listening all that hard is that things can so easily backfire. take the recent change that means you only have to tap the Alt key once to “lock” its effect. I find that useful when copying things but there has been a general wail of protest from others who had got used to repeated tapping. Sometimes, you just can’t win!

It certainly seems like this was put together by someone outside the company. The choices were fairly rigid and repetitive. The one that kind of bugged me was “entertainment” covering only film and television. I suppose they’re referring to set and prop designs, which is certainly a notable use, but it felt like they were leaving the more creative side of the community out. To be fair, they had “game design” as well, though it only shows they were interested in the industrial/large scale use of SketchUp rather than the more personal designer-client dynamic. I’d hardly call it tone deaf or misleading, only limiting in terms of the data they’re likely to get.

Hey there! Yes, we’ve recently started sending out surveys to customers on different topics. There will definitely be some more coming over time. These are all being sent from us, not a third-party agency. So we will be the ones digging into your answers. We appreciate the time you took to answer everything!


Hi CaraRB,
I have also responded to your recent Surveys (two rounds now!).
As an Architect using SketchUp almost every day, I was also frustrated by the lack of opportunity to make any comments beyond the basic check boxes …
This being said, if I could have added comments, I would have said this:
"The single most important thing Trimble can do for us Design Professionals using SketchUp is …
Fundamentally Improve LayOut in terms of speed and functionality!
And then I probably would have said: “Soon, Please!”
Thank You (in advance!)


Thanks for that feedback! I will let the team know. Keep looking out for our next surveys, and thanks in advance for taking the time to fill them out with your honest feedback!