Feature Plans


I read many comments with feature requests.

Are there any official statements about the current features and the plans for new ones?


In short, no. Trimble (and before them Google and @Last) have never revealed their plans for the future of SketchUp.


No but I imagine they will announce a bunch of new stuff at there Basecamp conference in September.


Alas, as a publicly traded company, it is illegal for us to share our plans before they happen. When you start working at Trimble, you have to sign a big pile of papers that says you will not even hint at what the future of the company holds. Otherwise, you will be tracked down by a pack rabid lawyers and shaved, tarred, feathered, and fed a diet of McDonalds Happy Meals for the rest of your life.


That sounds a bit expensive… Whatever happened to just ‘hang, draw, quarter’ ?.. :joy:


Do you mean hang, draw, and Quarter Pounder with cheese? :smiley:


good point @DaveR… very good point… but no… :stuck_out_tongue:


If the SketchUp office was on the coast, they’d keel haul you, too. Being in Colorado, there’s nothing deep enough for a boat with a keel. :smiley:


@Last was not a publicly traded company so in those days it was not quite as strict. I remember a video from the first Basecamp that demoed Fat Faces (faces with thickness) a feature that never made it into the released version of SketchUp. And there was the Onion Dome tool.


Aside from legal consequences, what’s the harm in communicating SketchUp’s plans for the future? Would it endanger Sketchup somehow?


Trimble is a publicly traded company. It is illegal for anyone inside of Trimble to share any information regarding our plans for the future (that’s considered insider trading type stuff).


Well… The law’s there for a reason. SketchUp deserves privacy if they want it.