Sketchup Roadmap & Release Cycle Updates


I was listening to the MasteringSketchup podcast today and someone mentioned that Trimble had committed to doing annual releases for Sketchup. I don’t recall with v2014 was released but regardless. I was wondering if anyone knew when the next version (2015 maybe) would be released or in Beta, or if there was a Roadmap of features expected for the next release?


Policy with SketchUp and it’s team is that you won’t hear a word about new features and about when a new release goes public until it … is released. Also no word about Betas being tested.
With annual realeases I can only assume that the next version will be named …2015 and that it will be released sometime next year. This, although not much, is probably as much as you will get to hear.

It might be better to express your feature request(s) and feedback on existing features to improve SketchUp. That way you might have some influence on where SketchUp is going. You might even get some questions from someone in the SketchUp developement team.

Although I do understand that people are interested in SketchUp´s roadmap and new features being tested.


Thanks. What you just wrote is what I already suspected. It would be nice to see a Roadmap but that requires them to commit to features long before they are done or even scheduled for development. Which are both tricky with software.

If I remember correctly v2014 was released this past February so v2015 is probably not due until about that same time next year.

I have been trying to catchup on my Sketchup know-how this past week. Once I feel pretty comfortable and know most of the existing interface and plugins. I will absolutely be putting my 2 cents in regarding features for future versions, all here on the forum. So glad they are using Discourse!!!


Hi Brian,

John Bacus made the initial announcement at Basecamp 2012. Basecamp was in mid-October of that year.
See the video at ~30:00

It’s all here in the SketchUp Release Notes

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In the aforementioned video John Bacus describes SketchUp’s development philosophy.
See the segment beginning at ~43:00