Canada Jobs

Hi there, i know this isnt really relevent to a program issue, although I’m curious to know and this is the only way i can think of.

I was hoping to gain some insight into how much sketchup is used in Canada. I am planning to move there one day and i am only using Sketchup in my workplace at the moment. I just hope this is not all wasted if they are only using autocad or similar programs.
I am a practising drafter/building designer.

Thanks Frends

SketchUp is not limited to Countries…it varies on a firm by firm basis. I have experience working for several Canadian companies from the US and they all use SketchUp. Ask around up there and you’ll find it varies as much as it does anywhere else.

Yeah i am aware that it would vary firm by firm. Was just looking for an general observation. As i know in here in Australia, we are a bit slow to cotton on to the whole sketchup movement. @eric-s