Surfaces get darker or lighter depending on view


First time posting, so hope Im in the right spot…This seems to happen a lot on my models, I get some surfaces that look ok, but other adjoining surfaces will look too dark. For instance, on this image the ceiling should be white but it is dark grey from this angle (not a “reverse faces” thing, it actually gets darker if I reverse), and the flooring is much darker than if I rotate the model up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


What you are describing is the shading that SketchUp uses to create the effect of three dimensionality. You can defeat it by going to the Shadows window and turning on Use sun for shading. Then set the dark slider to the right and the light slider to the left


That worked, thank you very much!


Check this blog:


Actually, the values are 0 for the Light slider and 80 for the Dark one.