Help needed! Color changes when viewing from angles

Hello eveyone, first time foruming :smiley:

Is there any chance to turn off color tone changing, when viewing the model from different angles? You know what I mean, when the wall is white, but it shows darker grey.
So, when exporting 2D, eveything seems very dark. Shadows are turned off.

Yes. The color changes are due to the angle between the camera and the faces. It’s done to create the impression of 3D. If you want the colors to remain flat, open the Shadows window, turn on Use Sun For Shading, set the Light slider to the left and the Dark slider to the right.


Hey, is there a solution for the web-based version? I’m primarily using sketchup to try some design things with my home regarding color and placement, and changing colors with viewing angle pretty much ruins the effectiveness of the tool for me.

Currently the Display browser only has Time, Date and toggle for Shadow settings.

Suggest posting a feature request to one of the SketchUp Free categories. Perhaps …