Shadow effect during rotation

Is there any way to eliminate the shadow effect that SU creates when you rotate the drawing? I don’t want my walls to change from light to dark when I rotate the inside of my room. I want all walls to retain bright white throughout the rotation.

In the shadows panel, turn on Use sun for shading and adjust the light/dark sliders to suit.

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Thank You!

Shadow effects from the sun inside a room with a ceiling doesn’t get me there. Not able to get sunlight on all interior elements. By default, SketchUp changes the shade of an adjacent wall to a dark color when rotating the drawing. How do I retain the desired color on all walls even at different angles? My dark green goes to almost black on adjacent walls, so looking straight on I see a dark green wall and the side wall is black. Any suggestions?

What Box suggested should work ? Pulled up an old model to test . Posting screenshots. “use sun for shading” checked in both , sliders set the same. With Shadows off in View there’s a very slight tonal shift in the walls. With Shadows on in View wall tone is uniform. Maybe post some screen shots of what your getting ?

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I am glad you showed the menu window for shading. I didn’t know there was a light and dark option until you showed me. The drawing attached has different shades of green so I am going to try the light and dark options as see what I get. Thanks again

In future if you don’t fully understand an answer ask for clarification.

That’s pretty cool! Thank you!

Got it, thanks!

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