Help with Shadows and getting wall colours even

Hi, am VERY new to using SketchUp but I am working towards a project deadline for my Interior Design studies so I am desperately trying to get this finished. How do I get the right wall to look the same colour as the wall behind bed when it is orbited in this position? I’ve tried playing with the shadow settings and I can’t get them both looking even. Any help would be much appreciated!

Best if you would share the file here so others can look at it.
(drag and drop the file into your post / or open it from your post (eight icon above your post))
It looks as if your right wall is painted but your back wall isn’t.

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In your Shadow settings, check “Use the sun for shading” box but keep shadows turned off. Set the Light slider to 0 and the Dark slider to 80.

Ah great that’s fixed it thank you so much!