I’m not sure about correct category, sorry :hibiscus:

I have a problem with a color of plane/surface when creating it.
And I can understand why it is modeling in upside down way.
Maybe you can help?

Earlier, drawing on the ground plane eg. with Rectangle ore Circle Tool, SketchUp drew faces face down.

Now - and since version 2021.1 - SketchUp will always orient faces with the front side facing up, when drawing on the ground plane, and with the front face ‘facing’ the camera in other cases. If a face is drawn over the top of an existing face, the new face will still inherit the orientation of the face that it is drawn on.

I’m not sure if your question is related to this, perhaps you can share your model or at least screenshot - to explain more what are you working on and what is your issue…

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Thanks a lot for support.
I think you are right (sketchup 2022), logical thought.
And screenshots can add only by link due to i’m new user

You’re welcome!
I looked at the screenshot. I don’t see anything special about it. It looks normal. So, I still don’t know what the question is…
What I can offer is a general tutorials ( based on my assumption you are using SketchUp since 4 days):

Help Center
Click through the menus "deeply " in left side…

SketchUp Campus
Start with SketchUp Fundamentals

SketchUp - YouTube
Start with a Square One's

Oh :woman_facepalming:
second screenshot here Screenshot, 2023-01-31 10:13:56 - Paste.Pics

Problem was in learning video (udemy) where teacher creates too big accent on color and function of surface/plane, but he has another version. And i had some doubts about my previous actions and how these differences can affect next steps (texturing or etc.)

Now my issue is resolved. Thanks.

You may have missed the issue, the other colour is the back face and it shows that you have zero thickness. If you want a floor you should add it before pulling up the walls.

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Thanks for support.
I will take into account this moment next time.
But in this case it is another reason and this nuance from the start of using the program.

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