Surface Book w/ Perfomance Base and Sketchup

Hello All,
I know there are a few other treads that address SketchUp and the Surface Book but they seem to be from a while back. I am seriously considering buying a Surface Book i7 with the performance base to run SketchUp 2017, AutoCad and Bluebeam. I would still use my desktop for day to day work but would be using the Surface Book for out of the office work. Realistically I would not be modeling much on the Surface Book but using it as a presentation tool in meetings. Is anyone using a Surface Book and SketchUp with any success? I know there are people that had problems with the SB and SU but have those problems been resolved? Are there any other 2 in 1 machines I should look at instead of the Surface Book? Any help would be appreciated!

I bought the surface book when it first came out, the i7 with the 512 ssd, pre performance base and I have used it as my secondary to run dominantly SketchUp, Chief Architect and adobe programs, but I also run 3DS and Revit on there. It does it all no problem. Especially as a secondary computer where you have a powerful desktop, it’s a great powerful computer to have on the go. No to mention, it’s so freaking nice.

Thanks Cole. That is helpful feedback. I have seen mostly negative posts about the Surface Book and SU combination but nothing very positive. I realize that people are more likely to post the bad instead looking for answers instead of the positive.

I have the i5 256 GB Surface Book w/ 1 GB Nvidia graphics card in the base and I recently started using SketchUp. I noticed after a few days that the fan behind the screen where the CPU is was whirring loudly when I was doing SketchUp. I began to suspect that the graphics card was not being utilized. This was the case as I learned you have to go to Control Panel --> Hardware and Sound --> Nvidia control panel and specify for SketchUp to use the graphics card.

My CPU ran a lot more cool after that adjustment, however there is still some buggyness where sometimes after bringing the laptop out of sleep the computer won’t recognize the graphics card as being installed. One quick way to see this is in the system tray if there’s an icon saying it’s ok to detach the screen, your dedicated graphics is not in use. The fix for the problem is oddly to detach and reattach the screen, but that doesn’t prevent this from happening again.

Regardless of that user-unfriendly problem I am really happy with my Surface Book and feel that its fit and finish and capability is much higher than other PC laptops on the market. The screen is also insanely bright and color-correct, as well as being a 3:2 ratio which is great for productivity.


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