Surface Pro 3 to run Sketchup


I’m leaning towards SP3 due to mobility and its weight, but I’m thinking that the integrated Intel HD graphics may prove to be a stumbling block.

Wondering if anyone here is using the Surface Pro 3 here.

Would it be advisable to go for the SP3 or should I just go for the good old traditional laptop and hurt my back.


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Hello shaz,

Here’s a review that’s sure to interest you.

SketchUp Pro on new Surface Pro 3 laptop/tablet device — Aug. 9, 2014 SketchUp Help Forum (retired)




I have no ability to read the referenced post. Can you help me access this?


I don’t know about the surface, but I got a mac air, very light and handles SketchUp just fine.


Hi @r_t_sand

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no hurt of your back required, check the recommendations for portable workstations at the SCF.


Ciao i use surface pro 3 with sketchup 2015 and it works perfectly. I m an architect, i ve tested surface pro 3 and sketchup in the last 5 months designing special steel structures as stadiums skins, tensil structures, pavillions towers claddings etc. Intel graphic card works very well also with quite big models.


[quote=“stefanozilio, post:7, topic:566, full:true”]Intel graphic card works very well also with quite big models.

with the SU hardware acceleration enabled or disabled (“Window > Preferences > OpenGL”)?


I use hardware acceleration


Hi all, just an update, I’m currently using the Surface Pro 3 right now.

It works well as some have already mentioned. :blush:


Several years ago, the Intel plant in my area placed an ad for driver developers to create Pro-level OpenGL drivers for their products. The good reports we been having since the Surface Pro came out may be the fruit of that effort.


May I ask what processor option you chose? I’m considering getting a Surface Pro 3 with the i7, but I would like to save some money if the i5 will be good enough.


Hi Stefanozilio, may I ask which processor option you chose? i5? i7? I’m wondering how inexpensive I can get. =)


I have intel i7 with 256gb


I’m using the i5/128 and it is serving me well while studying in university.


I think the Intel story has been improving not just recently, but for longer. They run SketchUp with hardware accelleration (and for SketchUp’s OpenGL needs I never experienced problems driver quality), and especially the i5 (or i7) even run games in high-dpi (5.7 megapixel!) quite performant.


What about the screen size? Does it ever feel too cramped? Do you find it actually replaces your laptop, or do you just use it on the go? Do you find you need to plug it into an extra monitor to keep from going blind, or is the screen resolution so good that the smaller screen size isn’t a big deal?
Thanks for all of your advice!


the currently fastest available intel HD 5000 does provide an average 3D graphics mark of 603 Passmark points… which might do in connection w/ an i7 with not too big models but which is far away a dedicated video card of a desktop/notebook does achieve.


I would say that the SP3 should complement your existing equipment, not completely replace it. As I already have a desktop PC at home, and I know I won’t be doing any graphic bashing amount of work on the go, so the SP3 was a no brainer to replace my 6 year old heavy bulky laptop.

I don’t know about others but I use software without the icon scaling so I get a larger workspace. Probably bad for your eyesight in the long run, so good thing I’m graduating soon. I’m only using the device in my school studio for 4-6 hours at a time, so yeah, screen size doesn’t really bother me as I know I have something bigger to work on once I get home.


Trying to understand some Surface Pro 3 issues and would love to read this post - but alas and alack… I am not a member and cannot get past Go.