Support contract to run Network License Admin Reports

I am logged into the Network License Admin Reports portal. I am currently presented with two options. One is for Sketchup 2018 and the other is for Sketchup 2019. If I run the report for 2019 I get valid information. We are not currently using this product even though we are licensed for it. The report shows information.

When I run the same report for Sketchup 2018 I get an error message that "Support has expired for the license with serial "

  1. Do we need a valid support contract to run a network license report?
  2. What is the easiest way for me to verify we have a valid maintenance contract for 2018 so that I can run the report.
  3. If our license is valid but support has ended, is there any way to run the license report without a maintenance contract?
  4. Because we have purchased 2019 and have a valid support contract for that version, does this negate all previous versions of the software when running the network license report.

I need to run the report to get an idea of who has what type of license. I need to make sure we are not over provisioned and see what users have checked out a network license and wrangle them in as needed.

The way I understand the error message, we must purchase a valid support contract for 2018 to run the network report. Trying to confirm this is the case so that I can then check our maintenance contract for 2018 and see about a short term renewal to run the report.

A network license is for one version of SketchUp. All users should use the same.
When a new version of SketchUp is released and one of the users (or the IT-guy) enters the new serial number and authorisation code, a grace period of 60 days will follow, were both versions can be activated. After that, everybody needs to work with the new version.
If you want to keep using the old version, you’ll need to contact support.

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Thanks for the reply. Now that I understand why things are this way I can take appropriate action.

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