Superscript text reverts to regular text in LO from Mac to PC

Hey all,

So my office is transitioning from Mac to PC, and we’ve discovered a wonky font issue. I’ve searched through the Community and found some similar issues, but no trick seems to solve. I’m hoping it’s a simple setting we’re not seeing, otherwise, redoing all text will be hours of work we can’t bill for.

Here’s what happens: We type out window and door sizes with the inches as a superscript to the feet (see attached image). When we open the files on our PCs, the zero and six in the attached example are on the same line and are the same size as all of the other text. It changes a window from looking like it’s 3-0 to 30. Big issue when you consider these plans go out for construction.

Please tell me there’s a fix for this, and we won’t need to retype everything.


To Assist:

We’re all running SU and LO v2021

Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 4.32.46 PM

I think that herein lies a difference in font handling between the Mac and Windows PC.

So Sketchup has no solution then other than for users to recreate work? Man that’s a bummer.

SketchUp uses the text formatting options available through the operating system. That makes it somewhat rudimentary. Apparently Windows has no built-in support for Superscript.

Where I come from we use standard units, not some exotic ones, so I don’t know if your formatting is very common.

As Anssi says, this is due to the differences between the way the operating systems handle text. It also affects the padding and with some fonts and text sizes, you might see the text box size warning arrows.

You can use superscript and subscript in LO on Windows.

Yes, I see that we still can use superscript. It’s just very disappointing and time-wasting to have to reformat all of the text that was already done. We’re not using a text formatting style that is uncommon in architectural plans really. We’ll just need to be more strategic about who can work in Sketchup files in the office going forward, so we don’t lose a couple hours with tedious formatting tasks.

Thanks all.

Understood. One of many of the frustrating differences between Windows and Mac.