Superscript and Subscript Text


Does the Discourse UI support superscript and subscript text?


Geo, the HTML sup and sub tags seem to work. For example, superscript and subscript.



Thanks, Gully.

a2 + b2 = c2

Painful to type, but at least it works.



Alt+0178 = ²
Alt+0179 = ³
You can find more in Character Map:


Thanks, Thomas :smile:

Character Map earned its place on my desktop taskbar long ago.

Typically I work in Word™ and then copy>paste into the forum reply box.
(I started doing that back in the days when the forum reply page had a nasty habit of timing out.)
(Poof, there went all your work.) :angry:

Consequently I don’t use the Alt+keystrokes to create superscript and subscript because Word® has handy buttons and KB-shortcuts for those.

Unfortunately the sup and sub formatting in Word™ doesn’t please the Discourse UI.
If I use the superscript button in Word® it comes out like this in the forum…
a2 + b2 = c2

Thanks to you, I’ve discovered another workaround in addition to Gully’s.
That is, when I type the subscript Alt+keystrokes in Word™ they appear correctly in the forum…
a² + b² = c²

Go figure? :confounded:



Another discourse secret is that we can format keys with <kbd></kbd>.