Layout Table Baseline Sub-Super Script

Seems I’m unable to apply Baseline SUB/SUPER Script Formatting to Text in LO Tables. Kindly Confirm.

Kind Regards to All.

This is true.

Thanks for prompt reply Dave. This is yet another frustrating limitation with text formatting in LO.


Just came across this thread and decided to see if there was a way round this limitation. As DaveR says the Baseline sub/superscipt functions are not available in Layout tables. As a workaround, write the required text, with sub/superscript, in your text editor (Word etc). Then copy and paste into the Layout table cell. The table retains the sub/superscript. The cell can also be formatted with the Layout text styles. Obviously not ideal but it seems to work. If your text is a set of regularly used words then you could create a Table of these and then save as a Scrapbook. Bring the Scrapbook table into the working Layout and simply copy and paste.

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Good Shawb, tried that one myself. Challenge is keeping tabs of where the MS-Word File is saved on the Disk and never-ever editing the text under LO because the link to the original text file will be lost.

Thanks for your Follow-Up.

I keep all reference files for a project in the folder so I don’t have to go hunting for them.

Agreed, good practice (I do the same). But then, don’t dare to forget to edit the text with the source software. Otherwise, the link is lost.


Yes. True.

A refinement! Just type your text with sub/superscript in the main Layout window and then cut/copy/paste into the table. No need for text editor in this case or hard to track Word files. I would still advocate a dedicated scrapbook for regular use text.

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Dearest Olivia:

Now THAT’S a feasible workaround. Thanks and Yes master-tables in the Scrapbook is also a valuable consideration in efficient workflow processes.


I seem to have missed Olivia’s post to this thread!?

I thought you were Olivia. :smiley:

I’m Spartacus!

Well, that explains the reason you have no O in your user name. So you are Spartacus Hawb?

Not many have managed to guess that one, well done Dave.

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