Editing Layout Table Baseline / Default Settings

Hi There -
I’m trying to figure out how to edit the baseline (or default) table settings in a Layout file. If I select the table, without double-clicking into edit mode, text seems to default to some kind of baseline. Then when I double-click inside the table, but simply select a cell, without double-clicking the cell itself, to edit the cell, it has a different set of default settings, which makes sense, letting me edit a specific cell. But then if I double-click inside the cell and edit it, it reverts to another default, and I can’t figure out how to keep that from happening.

For example:

  • I single-click the overall table. I set the table settings to what I want, including a center alignment for all text in the table.
  • Then I double click the table. Now I set specific cells to ‘bold’ with a different text size, but keep the center text alignment.
  • Then I double-click inside the cell itself, and it resets that cell’s format to a right-side alignment, instead of maintaining the center alignment that I’ve already set for the entire table, and for all the cells within the table. It also invariably changes the cell from having a ‘fill’ to ‘no fill’.

Is there some kind of tutorial out there that gives a comprehensive explanation of how to edit Table Settings?


Can you share an example LO file that shows this? Are you still using SU/LO2021 on Catalina?

Hi Dave -

Thanks for the speedy reply! We’ve switched to a 2022 Macbook Pro Laptop.
Version 12.6 (21G115)
Also upgraded to SU Version 22.0.353
The new mac doesn’t seem to have any graphics info - but it uses the M1 Chip
Here’s a link to the stripped-down version of the file I was working on, with just the Layout sheet with the tables:
Layout Tables Example

So I tried what you describe on my PC. I’m not seeing the changes you indicate seeing. It might be a Mac only thing. What do you get if you insert a .xlsx file that is formatted the way you want?