Editing tables on Layout

Hello again.
Either I found a bug or I’m freaking losing my mind here.
I’m just trying to adjust line weight of grid lines inside a table.
There appears to be no way to select said lines, every approach leads to selecting the actual cells, not simply the grid that contains them.
I’m using version LO21.1… on a mac.
Has anybody else experienced this?

Big Beaver

Is there some reason you don’t just select the table and edit Stroke in the Shape Style panel?

You should be able to select individual lines in the table and modify them, too. Double click on the table first. Hold Shift to select multiple lines.


Hi Dave!
I guess it’s a bug with this version.
There is simply no way to select an individual line or grid, it will just select the cell.
And it doesn’t matter if it’s the regular cursor arrow or the little double-line edit symbol either.
Maybe I should just reinstall LO.

I guess you could try reinstalling it. Maybe it’s something with the table. You could share the LO file so we can see what you are working with. Maybe it’s not a bug. Maybe it’s just a difference in versions. I am using LO 2023. I don’t remember if editing individual lines in a table was possible in 2021 or not. I never want the gridlines displayed in tables I insert into LayOut.

I’m using SUPro22 and LO21, thought I’d installed 23 in both cases.
I’ll open an empty LO project and just make a quick table to link to.

grid 4 Dave.layout (11.3 KB)

That is weird.

Your profile says you are using 2021. Please update that.

This is what I get when I edit your table in LO2023.

Copy that, I’ll just update them.
My apologies for wasting time, I just get fixated sometimes.
By the way, I can’t tell you how much your kind advice is appreciated.
My workflow has improved a hundredfold (Adrian… just make ONE good model, not …a dozen crappy ones).

I’m not sure there’s any need to apologize or any time wasted. Hopefully you get it working on your end.

I’m happy if I’ve been able to help you out.

I guess you’ve figured out there’s a benefit to making good, clean models. :slight_smile:

I was flailing, but now I get everything I need from one model, which is particularly helpful as I’m drawing mostly structures.
Occasionally I’ll open a second project for a detail or something, and then migrate the finished object or w.h.y. back into the main one.

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