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Hi, I’m using the latest version of layout and oftenly there problems with the line tool. I juste can’t modify the weight or dashes. Even if I select + draw or draw + select the line just don’t change. I’m already very common to Sketchup and layout it seem like a 2019 problem.

Anyone else ?

Thank you

I’ve never had problems changing the style of an existing line by selecting it and making the changes in Shape Style or by selecting the Line tool and choosing the settings in Shape Style before starting to draw. How about uploading a sample LayOut file the exhibits the problem you are seeing? That could help us help you.

Vous essayez de faire quelquechose comme cela?

Oui exactement

Voici le video

here the video showing the problem

Zoom in closer to the line to see those changes. It looks like you are running into display limitations.

no it’s not the zoom. The number un the line weight box even don’t change when I click. ■■■■ what I am gonna do I need to work…

It looks like the problem comes from using , as the delimiter instead of . for decimal values. We are not properly parsing the value. Note that when you change to a whole number the change works, but otherwise the change is ignored.

Sorry that you’re experiencing this issue, and thank you for letting us know about it.


Thanks Adam, this make a lot of sense. But how can I change that?

If I write manually the number in the box with the . it’s still don’t work.

I believe the work around for you right now is to make a change in your System Settings > Language & Region. Click the “Advanced” button, and you’ll see a setting for number separators. Try setting the Decimal option to “.”.

Sorry for the inconvenience; this is definitely a bug on our end that we should address.


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