Can't select line weight form pull down menu. (Japanese version)

Is this bug? (LayOut 2016 Japanese version.)

Pull down list doesn’t high-lighted, can’t change line weight.
It works with Up/Down arrow mark, and direct value input.

May be we have more room to input value box, unit “ポイント” doesn’t display all, sometime missing input value.

Unit displalys “pt” and it works fine on LayOut 2015.
Is the Japanese translation cause the problem?

It’s working exactly as it does in other languages, AFAICT. Are you expecting us to allow you to grow the choices in that pulldown? We wont - in big documents that pulldown could be large, at which point typing is faster. You can traverse the list via up and down arrows. You can change the line weight by typing in a new number. I confirmed this worked on Japanese Mac on El Capitan.

I don’t know why but I can’t change line weight by typing in a new number if the unit name ‘ポイント’ is left. If I typed in only new number, not with unit name ‘ポイント’, I can change line weight.

I’m trying capture the operation for upload.

Don’t enter in unit name. It’s meant to take only pts, and we fill in that value. Just type the number. I’ll mention this to the dev team so they understand the confusion.

I coud make mov here.
I didn’t enter unit name, only value, but it doesn’t work.
It works only entering value, deleting auto fills unit name text.
Pulldown menu doesn’t work.
up and down allow value change is fine.

SketchUp 2016 MR1 released, but not fixed…

I found that SketchUp 2016 windows japanese version unit name is ‘pts’ not ‘ポイント’.
Why SketchUp 2016 mac japanese version unit name is ‘ポイント’ not ‘pts’?

SketchUp 2016 M2 (16.1.2418) released, but not fixed.
(Japanese only issue)

SketchUp 2017 released, and it fixed, THX !!!