Import table from Excel

I have LayOut 22.0.353 and Office for Mac 16.65 running under OS 11.7.

For convenience I want to create my drawing general notes in Excel (easier editing and formatting). I insert the Excel file (.xlsx) with the option to NOT “import Excel formatting” and that all works fine except for the lines depicting rows and columns. The table in Excel has no borders. The only way I know to delete the row/column lines in LayOut is to explode and manually select and delete each line. However, if I update the note info in Excel and save, LayOut References says the Excel file is current and updating the reference does not show the changes.

There’s got to be a better way to eliminate the row/column lines so they don’t appear in LayOut and still have the active link so I can update.

So you just want to get rid of the cell borders? Select the inserted table (single click) and in Shape Style turn off Stroke. If you want, turn off Fill, too.

Thanks for replying so quickly. Okay, I’m game, what do you mean “turn off stroke”? I don’t see any option to turn it “off”, only options to change the point size or color and neither of those has any effect on the inserted selected table.


Do you have the table selected?


Okay, now we’re cooking…with gas. I didn’t realize the Fill and Stroke were actually buttons. It just took your guiding hand to show me the way.

I’m all set…for now. Thanks

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