Layout 2020 table tool very slow

I’m struggling with making a fairly basic table within LayOut.

I tried first copying it in from Excel, but it pasted with the incorrect fonts, column and row sizes. I haven’t been able to adjust the rows (the table goes into a strange editing mode where the sizes of everything change a lot).

So then I create a fresh tableusing LayOut’s table tool and I need to manually enter every cell. That would normally take a few minutes, but LayOut is VERY slow to enter text or make any changes. Like 0.5 to 1 second delay per character. Longer text,such as a few words, may take 2 seconds.

The troubling part is that when I enter a sequence of characters, I need to pause after every character otherwise the order will change. For example “1234” will become “2134”. It also seems to pause and load up to 3 seconds each time I enter some text more than a few characters. During this time Ive noticed my CPU working hard.

This has happened several times in many different cells and is quite worrying because it can lead to serious errors that affect our work!!

Is this normal?
are there any suggestions to speed up the response time?

Any suggestions for copying excel data into LayOut while still being able to reformat it??

btw, I’m using a fast PC, small SKP and LO file (20mb), only a few pages, a small table, and saved locally. Restarting Layout didnt help.

Have you tried just inserting the .xlsx file?

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After a bit of fiddling aorund and breaking my main table in to different tabs, I managed to get it to work - certainly easier than doing it manually!

I noticed it first referenced and rendered an earlier version of the excel table (depsite my saving over it) and LO reference needed to be updated.
So I wonder if LO should do an auto-update as soon as it’s entered so solve that issue.
In my case the differences between versions were easy to spot, but if it was just one figure in a large table, somebody might miss that.