Sun/shade tutorial? searching for best tutorial to conduct sun/shade analysis on residential site

Can anyone point me to best tutorial(s) on creating a sun/shade analysis/model for a residential site? I’ve only access to the following:

  1. a view of the back yard and the terrain from Google Earth of a sloped residential site of about 30% grade
  2. pdf of the architects’ plan with a few spot grades and contours only the building foot print

Many thanks :slight_smile:

What version of SketchUp are you using? You posted in the SketchUp Pro forum but your profile indicates you are using SketchUp for Schools (a web-based version) or SketchUp 2017.

Hi Dave / Entelecht,
Since I’ve been using SU16 thru 18 doing Sun/Shade studies for awhile, my question of Entelecht is: Are you analyzing the effects of the site on the residence to be built or the effects of the residence and it’s S&S on the sight and surroundings? Getting the terrain right is the biggest concern. GE used to do a great job of that - DG not so much. Advise you to get to almost ground level in GE 3D or other quality terrain program to study the slope, etc. Then define with the architect the exact base level of the residence footprint on the terrain.
I haven’t seen any tutorial yet on this but I’m sure there’s one out there . . . !

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