Calculating shadows in shade analysis

I am familiar with conducting a sun shade analysis for sketchup. But I was wondering if you know of any way to get the numbers behind these calculations? I am having trouble finding an extension. This one seemed promising but it wasn’t actually available:

As this link was broken:

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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This looks promising (have not tried it yet though, so I cannot comment on it)

How would you use this data? Before or after the design stage?
Nowadays, a lot of data is taken from weather information of the location, sun hours, but also rainfall and wind play a significant role.
If still on trial period, you can check what Sefaira can offer for you.

Thanks, but seems like this is just for buildings, not for landscapes. Specifically, this is what I’m looking for (for an urban site with a weather station):

a set of time series, with each depicting the irradiance level (or the fraction of full sun) through the course of several days* at the 11 locations we measured ET, plus the location of the weather station. *The days would be the 7 that we did field campaigns. Also, the frequency would need to be pretty high, like 5-15 minute.

That’s a pretty tailored need, maybe @kengey has dealt with it, before. Pulling data into SketchUp for visualization purposes.

Thanks for the reference @MikeWayzovski

@tuk60864 if I understand you correctly, you do have the required timeseries and you are now looking for a way to visualize them in SketchUp? I am sure we could offer you a solution for this. Getting data in and out of SketchUp is what we do on a daily base (or Autocad, Revit, Archicad, …). Please feel free to reach out by PM, or by dropping us a note here