Suitcase Corners? Should I use Solid Tools or an extension?

I modeled a simple, decorative suitcase a month ago. I achieved the bad, artificial looking corners below by intersecting into a sphere with the base suitcase and a moved-out copy. (I was in web only). It fit the needs of the project but I felt really stupid that I couldn’t figure out a more elegant process.

Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 6.53.31


Now I want to model these, and I’m pausing at halfway through what I think I will try. Solid Tools has made creating the skin pretty easy. But how to cut it to shape? I only just installed all the Fredo extensions and wonder if one of those is a better fit than Solid Tools? Otherwise, my thought is that I need to shape the cutter as a single 45° profile???

Here’s a clean copy of the model in progress with the corners started edit for reupload of correct version gramex.skp (363.8 KB)

If I were modeling that part, I expect most of it would be done with native tools. Maybe Trim or Subtract from Eneroth Solid Tools to cut the opening in the long side. For most modeling I would model in place in the main project but for something like this, I would probably model it in a separate file and add the component to my project. Looks like you have the real item in front of you so you should be able to get dimensions from it and work from there.

Thanks - I will continue my efforts with Solid Tools, then. I think the opening will be easy, I just have trouble imagining the right way to “curve” my cutter for the sides. No, that’s a screenshot from youtube, ha. Still just modeling everything to approximation.

If you have pictures from other angles, then you can make the shape more accurately on the sides.

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Good luck. I was going to model one as an example but since @mihai.s has done it, I’ll stand down.

Have a great day and enjoy the process.

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Ah, JPP looks super elegant, I will try that route - tyvm