Help searching a tool in order to make a solid (beginner)

Hello everyone !

I created a bolt shape and im having a small but certainly minor difficulty when verifying if it is a solid or not using solid inspector, it simply erases the non solid part of my model, so basically im searching for an extension (if its the right thing to do) that would fill up my model or validate as a solid its external layers in order to then create my STL file and launch the print.

Im adding a picture of the bolt created while using solid inspector.

I could add that i create the shape using shape bender.

If someone has any tip, that would be great! ty

PS: Viewed some similar topic and havent found exactly what I wanted,


Could you attach the model as you have it for us to look.
Without it we are only guessing.
The upload button is the 7th from the left at the top of the reply box.

You missed out a vital message from the top of the dialog!
And the red-highlighting obscures some possible errors…

Here are some ideas…

There are guide-lines/points within the form.

The surfaces of the screw-thread are ‘reversed’.
View in Monochrome mode and select the backwards faces and context-menu to Reverse them…

There are internal faces…
I think that’s what the dialog says ??
Cut a section through the form and if there are internal faces select them and delete.

Perhaps the object is small so tiny facets in the threads fail to form [1/1-000" limit in SketchUp’s tolerance]
If so temporarily scale it bigger, model and scale-back.
If it’s a component you can place a second instance, scale that up by say 1000 then do the tiny geometry while editing that, which will then get made OK.
When done close the scaled version and delete it - the original size version will have the tiny geometry - tiny geometry can exist BUT it cannot be created from scratch…

The basic rule for a printable solid group [or component] is that it contains only geometry - faces and edges - and that every edge supports exactly two faces.
That means there can be no faceless edges, no holes in the surfaces [one faced edges], no shelves or flaps [one faced edges], no internal partition faces [some edges will then have three or more faces], no otherwise seemingly solid forms sharing an edge - e.g. two cubes sharing an edge means that edge has four faces.
Also all faces should be oriented corrected - front material ‘outwards’ - it might not stop it reporting as solid in Entity Info, but it could affect 3d-printings apps.
Also it is possible to create a form that reports as solid in Entity Info but which is not printable because it cannot exist in reality - i.e. if part of this surface penetrates itself - to check for this select all of the object’s geometry and use the context-menu to intersect it with itself. If the object no longer reports as a solid then the intersection and created so non-solid geometry - typically internal partitions - which you need to fix…

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screw hyperbare.skp (96.3 KB)
Sure, here is the model.

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Working on the various points you presented TIG (Thank you) but I feel like I should restart from scratch instead of correcting the intersections errors :expressionless:, The internal face correction is working but Im having real difficulties with the external shapes.
I will create another shape and scale it down like you suggested, it will also help me address the various details and since its a component…

Small question before I get to work if i may, Im using “Shape Bender” for the Bolt, if you guys think theres a better tool ? don’t hesitate to say so :slight_smile: !

Again thank you for your time TIG.

There are many different ways to make threads, can’t say I have ever thought to use shape bender to do it.
Here is one version using Fredo’s Curvishear.
Really, all you need is to make an array of suitable helices and scale them to suit.


All sorts of helical tutorials/tips/plugins.


Do you have that as a model some place ? I would like to try making it on my 3D printer as Lag screw for moving a table or part to do work to ! !

You should draw it yourself.

Will wander over that way and watch and learn how to do it . . .Thanks . . Now that I have escaped from death camp at the Phoenix VA I can get here more often ! !