I have two suggestions for Sketchup for Schools:

  1. Identification of who drew the model. Copying among students can be problem. There are ways of detecting it, but it would be much easier if the file included a property that identified the student who created the model - i.e. username of person logged in when file was created…

  2. Access to shared folders. What is easier for assessment and feedback than each student giving their teacher access to their Google drive folder? They simply save their work as normal, and the teacher opens it in SketchUp for Schools directly from where it was saved. No copying, moving, uploading or downloading required. Gold standard would be if it is possible for only teachers to access shared folders, not students.


I would like the second one!

Would access to ‘Team Drives’ resolve this issue?

Maybe with Google Drive, you create a folder for the class as a whole, and then inside that folder create folders for each student? Set permissions so that every one can access the class folder, and for each student’s folder to be just you and that student. I’ve already done the shared class folder for “handouts.” I never thought about creating student folders inside that for saving each student’s work.

I am not sure if they would. The Team Drives feature is new to me, but from what I see in the description of how it works, documents are owned by the team rather than any individual and all members of the team have equal access to the files. I am presuming that it may be possible to restrict access to files, but would students learn to do this? More importantly, would it be a default setting or would they need to remember to do this? (Because they will forget!)

I see the ideal requirements as:

  • The students can access any drawing file that I, as the teacher, share with them.
  • I, as the teacher, can open any drawing file from each of the students.
  • The students cannot open any drawing file of any other student.

Is a team drive a good way to achieve this? I do not know enough to know and may need to learn more.

This could be done in Google Drive, I already do this with other subjects and document types. But students access these files through Google Drive, not through SketchUp for Education. To achieve this from within SketchUp for Education, it would need to be possible to open files from “Folders shared with me” , not just from “My Drive”

Agreed, it is a good method, and I use it with other files and other subjects. The problem, however, is that when you open a file from within SketchUp for Schools, all that we can access is “My Drive”. To do as you have suggested, it is also necessary to be able to access “Files shared with me”.

Even so, I could still use this method, except that either the student or I will need to first copy the .skp files from their drive to mine. It is just an extra step, but it is one that I would prefer to see eliminated.

Thanks for the feedback, we will look into the possibility of adding access to shared folders in Drive. While integrating with Google has allowed us to open SketchUp for Schools to all G Suite for Education users, unfortunately we do not have the ability to edit many of the Google features we are required to use. In this case, we are at the mercy of Google’s “picker” for third-party applications. We’ll see what we can do about improving the workflow though. Thanks again for taking the time to provide suggestions.


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