Edu Sketchup Online - Shared OneDrive for Assessment


New to forum here and would like to post my first question here.

I’m using Sketchup Online for Schools. Works great. But realise I hit a bummer when collating assessments for my students. They’re able to save on their MS oneDrive. But not able to see their shared oneDrive folder hence it makes it challenging for me to be able to drop in a common folder to assess their work.

Is there anyone who can advise if there’s a way to export the file locally to their device and then drop into their desired shared folders? Or this might be a feature request for sketchup to extend their file systems support to shared folders. Want to know if there are any suggested solutions.


Do you have this menu item? It will give you a downloaded .skp file that contains the complete model and when opened again it will have the exact same model with all SketchUp features.

This is more for a college age group, but with my students, I usually set their EDU emails up with Trimble accounts so that they can access Trimble Connect. I then make a class folder there and share that with all of them. I then force them to make folders under their names on there where they save their work (right from the web interface in the SketchUp app). The benefit is that in TC you can review their work in the browser, mark it up, and even discuss issues.

Of course, this becomes more useful if you complete more than one assignment this way per term.

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