Suggestion for 3D logos

Hello, I have a small suggestion for 3D logos for the free online version

I make this suggestion because you have added the 2D logos and is it possible to have a 3D version?

What kind of 3D logo are you proposing? Show us your idea.

well yes.
on the 3d warehouse

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It is in 3D

as an example I want to take those logo to transform it in 3D in fact I have no other

and I would like to have also for the suggestion to add a third button that and image in 3D if in click on it if it is an image with transparent contour or not that appears in transparent without being in 2D

this one is just a concept image

You want this to be automated in a free version of SketchUp? How will SketchUp know how thick the image needs to be? What if the image is a photograph of something? How would you use something like this in your hobby modeling?

You can do what you want in SketchUp Pro with an extension.

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Take the original vector version of the logo, export a DXF from an illustration application (Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDraw…) and import it to SketchUp Pro.

(Sounds like you are doing this for work, you are not allowed to do that in SketchUp Free)


I didn’t know that he had extensions in the pro

OK, thank you

Sounds like before you start asking for features you would do well to learn how to use the software. Start with

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then I learn all alone to use Sketchup

There’s a lot of educational content available to you for free. And if you get stuck on something you can always ask questions here.

You didn’t answer my question about how you plan to use the 3D logo models you plan to make.

In fact I ask this because I make buildings without doing the interior and then I send them on blender there are some who will tell me that it’s easier to use blender than Sketchup in short I do this because I have a mod project for a video game and I do this in fact

So you do models for video games as your job?

There are some who would tell you it’s easier to do in SketchUp, too. It depends on what tools you learn to use.

I prefer to use sketchup although I’m on the free and it’s normal too because I’m on those operating system (Chrome OS)

So this is your hobby not your job?

it’s more for fun and to work on my imagination

Unless you are getting paid for the modeling you are doing you can continue using SketchUp Free (web) but you’ll have to learn to make your 3D logos manually. It’s really not that hard.

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