Designing a 3D Logo

Hello so i have a bit of experience with 3d designe and i have a 2d logo but i would like to make a 3d version of it (like something that i can 3d print) but i dint relly know how
any help would be very appreciated

Sketchup has 3D text built in.

ok but how can i create a 3d object from a picture

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If you mean how can you take a flat picture of, say a human being, and turn it into a plausible 3D version, then it’s possible but means a lot of hard work. It would be best for you to post the picture here and see what someone with, say, @mihai.s’s skills can do with it.

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this is the picture i would like to make a 3d version of so that i can 3d print little mascots

Hello i posted the picture down below
in the end i would just like to have a very simple mascot

is there any way i can contact you privately ?

Are you using the web based SketchUp Free or the desktop SketchUp 2020? Your profile and the forum category are confusing. If you use a desktop version this is very simple with TIG’s Image Trimmer extension. You do need to reverse the colors and add transparency.

And you can make the reverse if you want.

i am using the free web version but i dont just want to extrude him i want to give him a body a face he is surposed to be 3d like a real penguin just that it’s not supposed to look like a real penguin

sorry i did a really bad job at explaining

You’ll need a desktop version of SketchUp (Make 2017 maybe) and learning about organic modeling

It’s just a few minutes model, for an idea.

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wooow that looks soo gooood

do you think you can help me create a version with some more detail

Here are two tutorials (by Aaron) that can help you learn how to make the 3D model of your logo.

Live Modeling Olaf from Disney’s Frozen 2:

Modeling Baby Yoda Live in SketchUp:

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I have created two variants, just as an idea.

One is created in the SKP style, and the other is modeled with Quads. Both are Solid Group, ready for 3D printing.

SKP style model: pinguin-skp.skp (873.8 KB)

Quads (MID-poly) model: pinguin-quad.skp (4.8 MB)

Success in learning!


yooooo that looks so dope

thanks a lot

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