Sugar Bucket (Firkin)

Tim Killen showed a model he did of a “Firkin” or Sugar Bucket on the FWW Blog. He did a video of how he made the staves. So I decided to try to model them and the other parts. I left out the smaller parts that I could not make solid like rivets, pegs and the holes for them. The band assemblies are missing the overlapping part with rivets and the handle is missing the pegs that connect it to the upper band assembly. The exploded view and dims. are above on the blue axis.
Firkin.skp (156.3 KB)

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Something in your way of modeling leads to certain inaccuracy (especially in the case of using circles)

Use inferences to model accurately

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Thank you. What took me two days, you did in less than 5 minutes. I’ll study your work and practice making profiles. The other thing that took me a long time was the handle.

You’re welcome!

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Less than two minutes and far superior to my struggling effort. Again, profiles are something for me to think about and practice. Thanks Mihai

To avoid inaccuracies when using circles, try to use portions of geometry that you have already drawn and it fits


Another great illustration! If I study this and practice, I’ll be able to make the rivets and finish the Sugar Bucket (Firkin). Here’s what I’ve practiced on so far, and I’m much slower of course than you.
Firkin.skp (195.6 KB)

The Sugar Bucket and I have gone round and round. I got this far. Still short edges when it comes to holes, grommets, buttons, etc. Everything else seems to be lined up, solid, and the way it is supposed to look. The scenes show all the parts and can be used to build the “Firkin.” Maybe I will build it one day if I get steam bending gear.
Firkin (4).skp (368.4 KB)