Coopered Vat

I’ve been on this kick lately of modeling cooperage. I modeled this vat and pulled in a cat from the Warehouse to give my wife some perspective to the size. She asked me why it had handles. (I found handles a challenge.) No, I would not plan on using it as a cat litter box. Since the staves are pretty long,I might consider some kind of banding. The triangular pieces around the bottom are there, so that if I ever build more than one, they would be stackable. I had to take the cat out, because it exceeded 16 mb.
Coopered Vat (1).skp (56.2 KB)

Interesting vat design. Did you decide to make all the staves as one lump of geometry?

I made a 24 part circle centered on the blue axis, did the profile of one side of a stave on the red axis, copy/rotated to the other side, connected the ends and had one stave with groove for the bottom, made it a component, and then copy/rotated/arrayed the other 23 staves. To complete the profile of the first side, I figured out the size of a top circle to make the staves at 15 degrees.The inner angle of the stave sides is also 15 degrees.

Evidently you reverted to a thing you were doing when you first got started with SketchUp. You copied the stave geometry within the component so you don’t have 24 staves. There’s just one stave component.
Screenshot - 9_25_2022 , 12_56_41 PM

So that the made the file 23 times bigger than it needs to be? I should be able to redo that and just click once on the stave.

Not exactly but you’ve been concentrating on making each part in your models a component. This is going back to your old practice.

When I make only one stave a component, should I group the 23 others and the component stave? After I make staves and add other parts like bottoms or triangular stops, then the other non-component staves lose some of their faces. Is that a problem or something to accept? I noticed that happening when I made the sugar box, too. What I mean by losing faces is that when I had to change or correct something like a banding, underneath, part of the stave face would be missing where the banding had been adjacent, but that’s digressing to another model, sorry.

No need to group them. Make the first stave a component. Then use Copy/Rotate and make 23 copies of it. You shouldn’t end up with any missing faces or other problem geometry.

Look at this file.
Coopered Vat (1).skp (60.7 KB)

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My file showed a problem message and I submitted a bugsplat report. It said unlocked plane right after I started over and copy/rotated the stave. I can’t look at the file until it is resolved I guess. I tried but the screen was still frozen.

It looks great. I made scenes and just need to put it on to build list which grows and grows.

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Check this thread, also:

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Yes, lots of staves and angles to consider in making a barrel. The only thing I’ve coopered so far are these trays. It was fun and much simpler.

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Finnish sour milk vat from early 1800s, perhaps
The handle is a nice detail, most I’ve seen are without