Help with a reeded drawer front

Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with a reeded drawer front or kind of a cove front. I have attached a SKU file and was hoping someone could shed a little light on making is quicker?

Would I do some sort of array? I am trying other ways but thought I would also ask here.

thank you


I would draw the bottom face with the scalloped edge and then use Push/Pull to pull it up to height. Copy the arc and the straight edge segment with Move/Copy to make a linear array, complete the bottom face of the drawer front, pull it up to height.

You should be working in either fractional or decimal units and turn off Length Snapping. We talked about that years ago.

Thanks Dave. Just one question if my drawer front is 24" wide and my arc and straight edge segment is 1 1/8" I am not sure how to exactly get it to all fit?

I am watching how to array videos as we speak :slight_smile:

Thank you


This is fundamental math. Subtract the initial flat width from 24 and divide that by the width of the flute and the flat to get the number of flutes. So with an initial flat of 0.125, your flutes and flats need to fit in 23.875. But 23.875 is not evenly divisible by 1.125 so something has to change in your layout. Either change the width of the flutes or the flats or both.

Here’s a sort of no math method using pre-determined flat widths. Since the flats are only 1/8 in. wide I made a narrower drawer front so you can see things in the GIF.

Thanks Dave. I did that math after I replied and yeah, not noticeable.

If they decide to do a drawer front like it will be easy to figure out. We may even make that flute a diff size. I just wanted to do a diff drawer front to offer.

As usual , thank you for all your help !


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