Subtracting with solid tools from complex shapes

Manufacturing engineer with small business working on updating manufacturing processes from handwritten instructions Using SketchUp give visuals on the ‘how to’ building lights with sheet metal. Trying to build ‘ventilation’ into a curved surface. Tried using the subtract tool, but got the classic “non-solids will be deselected” message. Object was made using follow me tool, both entities are grouped (separately). Looking for a method within Pro, but I’ll try out an extension if someone has a suggestion?NMC Standard.skp (2.1 MB)

Using Solid Inspector 2 can help you identify why your groups aren’t consider solids.

In addition it might be a good idea to work at a larger scale because the subtraction process can create tiny geometry that will make problems for you. Either scale up and scale back down or you could use the Dave Method although that requires making components instead of groups.

FWIW, if you had deleted the face of the rectangle path before running Follow Me, that face wouldn’t be there at the bottomof the group.

In the case of the external face on the extruded oval shape, that comes from an incorrectly drawn edge that divided the oval face into two regions. It would probably be better to remake that oval extrusion than to allow Solid Tools 2 to fix it.

In simple terms an object will be considered a solid if every edge is shared by exactly two faces. No more and no less. In the case of the rectangular thing. That edges bounding that face on the bottom are shared by three faces. In the case of the oval extrusion, there are edges bounding only one face.

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Worked like a charm, thanks!

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