Subtract with native Solid tool vs Eneroth Solid Tools

I want to apply the subtract function to two solid components. I want to use the Eneroth Solid Tools extension.

However, I get the message ‘Output is not solid’. When I perform the same operation with the native Subtract tool, I do not get this problem.

Am I doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Screw_Thread_Subtract.skp (122.3 KB)

Do you get a solid output with the native solid tools? Because the native tools don’t give you a message if the output isn’t a solid, you can check on the entity info tray if it’s a solid or not after applying the Boolean operation with native tools.
Have you tried scaling the model by 10 or 100 and then apply the Boolean operation? A thread is something tiny and sketchup has some problems if the model is too small.


There’s something slightly off about your cone/cutter:

Redraw that.

Look at your Head Component. If you delete the hexagon, it is no longer a solid component. I can’t see why. Redraw the head piece, select it, then Eneroth Solid Tools Subtract, then the Cutter.

I got this to work… and then couldn’t reproduce it…

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I’ve found that sometimes Eneroth Solid Tools will have a problem with certain geometry and Bool Tools 2 will handle it just fine. Sometimes it’s the other way around. That’s why I find it useful to have both available.

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I tried Bool Tools 2 and it had no problem with this model. But I agree with @DaveR that all of the boolean solid tools have certain situations they don’t handle cleanly, so when an issue occurs it’s worthwhile trying another tool to see if the same issues occur. If not, the problem is a limitation of that tool, but if so there is something wrong with your solids.


Imodium usually fixes those solids issues.


Hello all. Thanks for your input!

@francisquitof Sure. With the native solid tool, there is a solid output. I drew this bolt in metres precisely for that reason.

@3DxJFD I recreated the cutter. The result remains the same. The problem arises as soon as the hexagon is present. As soon as I remove it I can perform the subtraction without any problem.

@DaveR If I read it correctly, you can use the ‘Bool Tools 2’ extension for 15 days on trial, and then you have to buy a licence. No problem! But I find the price for this extension quite high (disproportionate) for the few times I need it. Might be an option for the future though.

@slbaumgartner Thanks for your confirmation. Connects as you write nicely with @DaveR’s findings.

Fortunately, with SU’s native Solid tool I can achieve a fine result in this case.

I will also check with Eneroth. Possibly this problem can be easily fixed by her. This can only make her extension better!

I bought bool tools2 over a year ago on a perpetual licence. The best paid-for extension for this type of action in my opinion, and very nicely priced!


Yes. It’s not a free extension.

You need to make the decision whether it has value for you. Maybe you won’t use it enough to justify the price and that’s fine. You can use Eneroth Solid Tools or the native Solid Tools and then spend the time fixing potential issues they might create. In the case of your screw head fixing the bad geometry wouldn’t be terribly difficult, just a little more time investment. Or if you want to use the native Solid Tools you can deal with the conversion to a group and the untagging. And if you have multiple copies of the component instance, replacing the copies that didn’t get modified along with the one that did.

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@Guido Sure. Nothing wrong with the price either! But I will as far as I can estimate now I will use this extension little to not at the moment. I use it for hobby and am learning 3D drawing. Hence my comment on that.

@DaveR I agree. I am going to try to fix the unevenness manually. Is a nice exercise :slight_smile: