Subtract solid tool - Odd results

Trying to subtract letters from a half pipe. Some letters worked perfectly, some I had to do one piece at a time. Solid Inspector say all parts are ok.

The ones left are causing me huge issues, either completely deleting the pipe when subtracting or sticking out to front or back.

Any insights on what is wrong with them, and how I can fix?
BedLabel2.skp (2.1 MB)

I had odd results too. I tried intersect faces too and that didn’t work. I tried scaling up 1000 times (DaveR Method) and that didn’t work either. When I scaled up the subtract worked on the T but then there were border holes all over the place. When I tried to repair the border holes, Z fighting got so bad that nothing would work.

There’s a lot of tiny geometry in your model. How are you planning to use this thing? 3D printing? What is the font you used?

yes, 3d printing.

Stencil i believe was the font.

One thing that I find ueful to avoid the tiny geometry issues and especially for 3D printing is to work with units set to meters. Treat millimeters or inches as meters. Here I did a version of your model. I didn’t have the right font so it had to be a bit longer. It’s modeled at 275 meters long.

The .stl was exported with meters as the units. Then imported into the slicer with millimeters as the units. You can see the printed thing would be 275 millimeters long.

this worked perfectly. Thank you!

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